Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

February 2006

Snow Camp Summary 2006 February 17th – 20th Attendance: 30% Poor 40% Good 50% Great/Target 60% Excellent Scouts Overall: 54.90% (28 Scouts attended out of 51 on active roster) Adults Overall: 40.74% (11 Adults out of 27 on active roster) Patrols: A1 Flying Eagles 66.66% (4 of 6 Showed) Ben Smith and Camouse didn’t go. A2 Cobras 83.33% (5 of 6 Showed) Brandon Sena didn’t go. B1 Wolverines 85.71% (6 of 7 Showed) Reno didn’t go. B2 Scorpions 57.14% (4 of 7 Showed) Wood, Parker Smith, Wertz didn’t go D1 Vikings 21.42% (3 of 14 Showed) Carnes, Enevoldsen, Beckner went D2 Eagle 16.66% (1 of 6 Showed) Standish went New Boy Patrol 100% (1 of 1 Showed) Loren Barber Greenbar (SPL & ASPLS) 100% Squad Leaders: A Squad – 0% (0 of 3 showed) – Greg Wynne, Henry Sena, Carl Johnson didn’t go. B Squad – 100% (4 of 4 Showed) D Squad – 50% (1 of 2 Showed) Stan Fithen didn’t go Signed-Up BUT Backed Out – Adults – Carl Johnson Scouts – Reno Moats, Brady Wertz Degree Points: TOTAL POINTS = 30 (Friday – 17 Points and Saturday – 13 Points) Summary: We left the Troop building 5 min ahead of schedule. We didn’t have any problems Friday night. We arrived in camp 7 min ahead of schedule. Early crew did a fantastic job. They had all tents up except for 3 or 4. John Standish did great on the menu. Lawerence Rowland and Rodney Carnes helped cooked the omelets Saturday morning, hot dogs/hamburgers for lunch, and the incredible stew that night. There wasn’t much snow. What did snow melted Saturday evening resulting in to some locals getting hurt really bad, one had brain tissue showing from the hit on a rock. Troop 80 helped in the first aid, then went back to our card games. No injuries from our boys. Campfire was awesome and the hilarious three little bears story acted out by Aaron Amos, Danny Finley, David Johnson, and Steve Tillery was definitely unique. Since Carl Johnson wasn’t able to attend, John Standish led a great church service on the 10 Commandments. We left camp Sunday morning 20 min ahead of schedule and that was with the time it took to drown out the fire Sunday morning from the church service. Steve Tillery and Danny Finley cut down and brought back some pioneering poles for this summer. We decided to do it again in June. We stopped at McDonalds on Sunday and the kids did great and acted civil, they were probably doped up with something. There were no vehicle problems and weather was good. It was a great second camp of the year and attendance was on target, except for not having the number of men I would have liked to have attend. We MUST and WILL get more men to get CDL’s before the raft trip in May or we will find somewhere else to go. It made the trip very long and hard on me. Other than that, the camp was really fun and the kids seemed to have a great time. Marshall Cutright got his degree points and therefore was happy. Doug Walker earned another .20 miles from walking to the snow hill and back. A couple more years he’ll have his 1mile. I can’t wait till March camp and do it again.

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