Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

April 2006

2006 Sneed Ranch Camp Summary Summary: To start, the attendance was down for weird reasons. We went to having 54 signed-up to arriving with only 47. We had kids and adults who couldn’t attend because of school band, sports, injuries, illnesses, and other scouting events. We had 4 no shows. When we arrived at the gate of Sneed Ranch, it was locked, so after little or no thought we took down parts of the fence and made it into camp. When we actually got to camp, Walter opened up the trailer door and the red bug juice dumped all over him. Welcome back Walter! All the kids and hiking groups made it into camp before dark. They all arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule. John and Chris did a good job on the food. Great meals! Steve Tillery brought the new “Scoutmaster’s tent” (donated tepee) but Chris Robles left a lot of the parts back at home. Plus I know why it’s for me. Well, it rained Saturday night and the tepee became a swimming pool. Plus with the high winds it took Chirs Robles, Steve Tillery and I to hold it down. Thanks for my new tent. I don’t know how to thank you, Steve! John Standish had a hard time keeping Red bug juice. If Walter wasn’t dumping it on himself, KP’s were dumping it out after meals. The kids just couldn’t figure out why Mr. Standish was yelling at them. The bridge project went well after we finally got the right nails and screws (after 2 trips to town). Yes, we didn’t spend $500 either. Special thanks to Danny and David Johnson for all their heavy equipment. Also, thanks to Steve Tillery for the use of his 4-Wheeler to pull logs across camp and out of the creek bed, which saved a lot of heavy lifting. There were no serious injuries, just a scrape or two. Aaron Amos was disappointed that there was no zip line. Sunday, Austin fielding became a real leader. He was mad at the Scouts for not doing what they were told so he yelled at them. It went like this: “I try to be nice but you ignore me so I have to yell to get you to do what I want”. All the men cheered! Sunday we tore down camp early and took the troop to Lake Merideth at “Blue West” and let them get in the water and get all muddy. Overall, it was a fun and rewarding camp. Doug will update our Website with great photos.

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