Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

January 2007

40% - Poor 50% - Average (based on historical numbers) 65% - Excellent Overall Scout Attendance - 52.31% (34 Scouts Attended Tuesday Night out of 65 on Active Roster)
  • Cobras - (3 patrol members attended out of 9) = 33.33%
  • Kiowa - (9 patrol members attended out of 9) = 100% 8)
  • Cherokee - 3 patrol members attended out of 10 = 30%
  • Wolverines - 5 patrol members attended out of 8 = 62.5%
  • Scorpions - 2 patrol members attended out of 7 = 28.57%
  • Seminoles - 6 patrol members attended out of 8 = 75%
  • Vikings - 1 patrol members attended out of 6 = 16.67%
  • Eagle - 2 patrol members attended out of 4 = 50% (Eagle Scouts)
  • Greenbar - 4 senior officers attended out of 6 = 66.67% :(
Overall Adult Attendance - 34.21% (13 Adults Attended Tuesday Night out of 38 on Active Roster) Degrees:
  • Friday Night: Unknown - has not been reported
  • Saturday Night: Got down to 14 degrees ---- Each Scout and adult earned 18 points.

This is the unofficial version of what really happened on the Coetas Creek Campout this year. The Troop webmaster will put up the official version later. However, the events you will see happened and the names have not been changed since no one is innocent. This report is being filed by an impartial observer.

Official Version (per James Spencer): Jonathan Gwinn and Ben Standish took the long hike (15 miles) with Mr. Skipworth and Mr. Filipowicz Friday night. All patrols except for the Cobras got lost, including our Eagle Scouts that hiked in. There was a lack of skill in map and compass plus patrols and Scouts brought in too much gear. DOUG WALKER got the troop truck stuck 5 miles from camp and plus he got lost. Thanks to Danny, again, got the truck unstuck. Former Scoutmaster, Eric Wolfram, and Assistant Scoutmaster from the 90’s, Randy Smiley, graced us with their presence. They were a tremendous help bringing gear from the Troop truck that DOUG WALKER stuck 5 MILES from camp. Patrol food wasn’t that bad. The kids did a good job. We had a great bon fire Saturday night and a good church service led by Lawrence "Preacher" Rowland, aka Rowland Construction; the guy in the blue shirt. The Scouts seemed to have a good time. This was a good learning experience campout for all new patrol leaders. The enthusiasm at campfire was awesome and everyone seemed to have a great time despite the cold and mud. It was great to see new adults getting involved and it was a pleasure to camp and get to know them better. It was nice to see a good attendance on this camp. All and all, it was a great camp other than Doug getting the Troop truck stuck 5 miles from camp.

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