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Coetas Creek

Coetas Creek is located just to the west of highway 136, south of Fritch. This is a hiking camp. The scouts are expected to hike one of three routes. They are expected to orient and plot, using their map and compass skills, their own routes according to the map below. The camp site is located approximately one-third of a mile west of the spring on the map. There are several drop off points to begin the hike. Food is purchased, and cooking is done, for this campout by each individual patrol. Patrols are expected to plan the menu for their patrol at least a week in advance and have it approved by their Squad Leader at the weekly meeting prior to the campout. Then they are allowed to go shopping as a patrol. This counts as a patrol meeting. They will carry their food with them as they hike to the campsite. Usually, we leave on a Saturday morning around 7:00 AM and arive at the drop offs around 8:00 AM and start hiking. Patrol members are required to bring a sack lunch to eat lunch on the trail. At the meeting prior to camp tents will be assigned and checked for all parts and damage. Equipment sign out sheets will be filled out for any equipment issued by the troop. The patrol's Quartermaster will be responsible for this, working closely with the troop's ASM in charge of equipment. For more information see the map and information sheet at the bottom of this page.
Coetas 2009

January 2009

Summary: Great camp with the exception of the cold and no fire to get warm.

Coetas 2008

January 2008

Summary: Great camp. We hiked in with 3 large groups due to lack of adults (all 6 of us who hiked). One group hiked from the corner, one group from close to the gate, and the newbies from the windmill. Aaron Amos and Steve Tillery brought in horses (mainly because Aaron is too lazy to hike). Weather was fantastic but it did get down to 14 overnight on Saturday after a high of 75. We had a little trouble getting out of camp on time but we will blame that on our new fearless leader. Overall, camp was good. One side note: Mr. Walker hiked in from the corner. How many miles did Mr. Spencer get? Big thanks to Chris Robles for driving us in on Saturday morning since we had no CDL driver going.

Coetas Information/Agenda 2009 (PDF) Contour Map for Coetas (PDF)

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