Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

Uniform Recomendations

Troop 80 requires the complete scout uniform at all of its meetings and some of its camps. Our uniform regulations may seem rigorous at first, but to foster leadership and Troop spirit, the uniform is a necessary ingredient. There are a few pointers which can save you some money in acquiring uniforms. Also, the Troop has available some uniforms on a first come, first serve basis in the main equipment shed.

1. Do not buy long sleeve dress shirts. Buy the short sleeve shirt. The long sleeve shirt may not be worn with shorts.

2. Do not buy an official scout hat. Buy only the black Troop 80 hat. The official scout hat is never used by the Troop.

3. If your son joins in April or May, buy only the summer uniform, which includes the official scout shorts. The long pants will not be needed until October and may be outgrown by then if bought in the spring.

4. Do not buy the official red jacket. Buy the Troop 80 black sweatshirt. Alternative black sweat shirts are not acceptable.

5. Do not put any patches on the Troop 80 black sweatshirt.

6. Your son may use any used uniform parts in stock until he outgrows them. There is no charge for this service. Please turn in all uniform parts which are too small to the Troop for further use by other scouts. Also, if you have used hiking boots, it would help others by turning those in too.

7. Buy only official green scout socks. These may be used with either the long or short pants.

8. The Troop requires leather shoes or boots to go with the uniform. No tennis shoes are allowed. The Troop has some used hiking boots, which can be used until outgrown.

9. Buy extra gray Troop 80 T-shirts in late May (the first one comes upon payment of the initial fee). The shirts are only worn by the Troop from June through August.

10. When sewing on patches, please follow the patch location guide in Scout Handbook exactly as shown on the diagram. The patch location guide is found on the front inside cover and back inside cover of the Scout handbook. Unless you son is a senior grade officer, he will need only the Indian head patrol patch regardless of which patrol he is in. All patrols have the same patch. The patrol patch is an Indian head. The Troop will provide the Venture Scout strip to Venture Scouts at no cost. The Troop will also provide the "25 Year" bar, and the latest quality unit patch at no cost to the scout. Rank patches will be provided at no cost to the scout by the troop. The scout will have to purchase a Golden Spread Council shoulder insignia, the Troop 80 numerals, and a U.S. flag. If you have any questions, please call your son's Assistant Scoutmaster.

11. When you son starts, the Troop will provide a blue neckerchief and official scout slide to your son at no cost. When your son reaches the Tenderfoot Rank, he will receive a black and white Troop 80 neckerchief and turn in the blue neckerchief. Replacement neckerchiefs can be bought for $5.00. Once a scout joins a Venture Crew or is elected patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, or senior patrol leader, he is entitled to wear a bolo-type necktie of his choosing. The Troop does not provide the bolos.

12. Uniform parts can bought at the local Scout Office onTascosa Road and also be ordered out of the Boy Scout Equipment Catalog. However, no purchases of official Boy Scout equipment should be made unless you feel comfortable with making the purchase, or unless the specific item is recommended by Troop 80. Many items of camping gear in the Boy Scout catalog are inadequate for Troop 80’s purposes.

See the Golden Spread Scout Shop Order Form for prices.

You may also want to take a look at the Golden Spread Council catalog page.