Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

Eighty Scouts, Inc.

Troop 80 is sponsored by Eighty Scouts, Inc., a Texas non-profit corporation. Eighty Scouts, Inc. was formed in 1962 for the purpose of acquiring the land on which the Jack Bryant Scout Center now stands, and for the further purpose of sponsoring Troop 80. Eighty Scouts, Inc. also currently sponsors Pack 80. Throughout its history, Eighty Scouts, Inc. has also sponsored Post 80, the Kwahadi Indian Dancers, two girl scout troops, Post 880, Troop 880, and Crew 80. Eighty Scouts, Inc. is an IRS approved charitable organization, holding that status since the early 1990's. IRS letters are available upon request. Eighty Scouts, Inc. has 21 trustees, who are elected to serve staggered 3 year terms. The trustees meet in March of each year to conduct corporate business. The people who serve as trustees do so in addition to whatever other duties they may have in scouting.
Current Trustees (2007-2008) of Eighty Scouts, Inc. Current Officers (2007-2008) of Eighty Scouts, Inc.
1. Jim Thompson 2. Steve Filipowicz 3. Eric Wolfram 4. Steve Tunnell 5. Stan Fithen 6. Garry Wood 7. Drew Skipworth 8. James Savage 9. Danny Finley 10. Paul Kiefer 11. Doug Walker 12. Harry Haiduk 13. John Dryden 14. John Standish 15. Sonny Scott 16. Stephen Tillery 17. David Watson 18. Peter Friend 19. Randy Nuttall 20. Henry Sena 21. Marshall Cutright, Jr. Chairman of Board Eric Wolfram President: Eric Wolfram Vice-President: Stephen Tillery Treasurer: David Watson Secretary: Steve Tunnell                            
Honorary Life Time Trustees Jack Bryant (memoriam) W. T. Graham (memoriam) Ed Donelson (memoriam) Welton Sides (memoriam) Warren Morgan (memoriam) Kim Burton (memoriam) Claude Alexander (memoriam) Fred Poppe Marshall Cutright Art Garner Walter Skipworth Marshall Rhea John Banks Richard Jalbert Ted Abrahamson Walter Wolfram Rodney Scott Randy Smiley Bob Wieck Mike Hale Terry Slade