Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

July 2003

See below the gallery for the camp summary.

Camp was held at Jiron Creek in the Carson National Forest, outside of Questa, New Mexico.

Claassification Last Name First Name Days Camped Miles Hiked
Adult Abrahamson Steve 1  
Adult Abrahmson Ted 1  
Adult Amos Aaron 7  
Adult Cooksey John 4  
Adult Filipowicz Steve 7 14.8
Adult Gilbert Barry 7  
Adult Gilbert Jeremy 7  
Adult Hite Matt 4  
Adult Johnson Carl 7  
Adult Kiefer Paul 7  
Adult Kolodziej Tony 3  
Adult Lincoln Louie 7  
Adult Michelotti Rob 7  
Adult Savage James 7  
Adult Scott Rodney 3  
Adult Skipworth Drew 7  
Adult Slade Terry 7  
Adult Spencer James 7  
Adult Standish John 7  
Adult Walker Doug 6  
Adult Wieck Bob 5  
Adult Wolfram Eric 7  
Adult Wood Garry 3  
Scout Amos Shelby 0  
Scout Carnes Jarrod 7  
Scout Cooksey Ben 7  
Scout Enevoldsen Brian 7  
Scout Fithen Casey 7  
Scout Fithen Tristan 7 14.8
Scout Gilbert Stephen 7 14.8
Scout Gwinn Jonathan 7 14.8
Scout Klein Brent 7  
Scout Klein Chris 7 14.8
Scout Kolodziej Philip 7  
Scout Leopold Steven 7  
Scout Lincoln Matt 6  
Scout Lincoln Matt 7  
Scout McGary Daniel 7  
Scout Michelotti Devin 7  
Scout Miller Dillon 7  
Scout Morris Colton 7  
Scout Roybal Brandon 7  
Scout Roybal Lance 7  
Scout Sanborn Patrick 7  
Scout Scott Hunter 7  
Scout Standish Ben 7  
Scout Standish Jonathan 7  
Scout Stucky Addison 7  
Scout Thamer Ben 7  
Scout Thorne Barrett 7 14.8
Scout Walker Michael 6  
Scout Wingate Jonathan 7  
Scout Wingate Matt 7  
Scout Wood Michael 7  
Scout Wood Thomas 7  
Scout Wood Trey 7  
Scout Wood William 7  

Scouts earned at least 40 merit badges in camp. Ben Standish is now the “Scout of a 1000 stitches.” Softball tournament went well. Spencer and Brent Klein still upset. Ventures climbed Challenger, could not do Kit Carson. Guests came for steak dinner and seemed to enjoy it. Ted Abrahamson made it back for one night, first time since 1996. Walter Skipworth made it up for one night. Went to fishery and then next day to Red River. Scouts seemed to enjoy both. Fire ban in effect, so we had campfire around the lanterns. Great campfire program this year. Blew inner dual on bus coming home. Outer dual on truck went flat. Lug nuts too tight to break loose.

Flat tires on the way home, all three of them. Mouse got stuck in water system, at a “wye” where the water branched off to the kitchen sink. Ben Standish was Franknstand for his many (and entertaining) injuries and fiascos. Older scouts and a few hard adults climbed Challenger Peak.

Scout of the Week: Brent Klein

Scout of the Day:

Outstanding Climber: Tristan Fithen

Softball Champions: Hot Ice — Jonathan Wingate, Matt Wingate, Rob Michelotti, Louie Lincoln, Stephen Gilbert, William Wood, Casey Fithen, Christian Enevoldsen, Daniel McGary, Jonathan Standish, Jeremy Gilbert

Outstanding Patrol: Blackfeet Patrol(B1)

Best Patrol Campsites:

  • Sunday, Tuesday – Friday: Blackfeet Patrol(B1)
  • Monday: Iroquois Patrol(A1)

Paul Bunyan Award Winners:

Bean Pot Award: Aaron Amos

Bone Award(for favorite first year adult: Aaron Amos


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