Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

February 2010

Great Camp! In the Scoutmasters opinion this was the BEST SNOW CAMP EVER! Kenny and David Wetzel did a great job of cooking. There were only 4 men and 1 boy for early crew, they worked really hard getting the kitchen set up prior to our arrival. There was at least 3 feet of snow on the ground, and with a full moon Friday night camp set up went very well. The boys enjoyed sledding and cross county skiing all day Saturday. The low temperature on Friday was +3F and +19F on Saturday for a total of 42 points! Hopefully we will have some pictures posted on the website soon. We awoke early Sunday, started having breakfast, and the snow started falling- we were on the road by 11:20, and that’s a good thing as I bet it was snowing an inch per hour. Be proud of your son as they all did a great job with ZERO discipline problems. By the way Alec Fithen won the longest jump off of the sled ramp @ 14 feet!

See below for attendance and Degrees Below Freezing points.

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Name Days Nights Degree Points Earned
Joseph Bonner2242
Zachary Bonner2242
Matthew Braden2242
Trenton Burt2242
Trevor Burt2242
Isaac Conner2242
Matt Dryden2242
Alec Fithen2242
Noah Friend2242
Alex Laughlin2242
Nick Laughlin2242
Austin Lebow2242
Reno Moats2242
Zack Morrison2242
Freddy Oakley2242
David Ray2242
Tristan Roach2242
Mason Sharp2242
Colton Smith2242
Nathan Sweet2242
Paden Tillery2242
Hunter Turner2242
Marshall Turner2242
Buzz Braden2242
Tony Burt2242
Stan Fithen2242
Peter Friend2242
Jim Laughlin2242
Chase Roach2242
John Standish2242
Stephen Tillery2242

Total Scouts Attending: 21
Roster Size: 43
Attendance Percentage: 48.84%
Total Adults Attending: 8

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