Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

January 2010

Scoutmaster summary: Great Camp! The wind blew Friday night on the early hikers (6 miles and 2 degree points). Everyone made it to camp without getting too lost -(A-Squad). Everyone got to do some a few extra miles Saturday afternoon exploring the ranch, the creek and waterfall. We had great foil dinners Saturday night followed up with a good campfire. We had to postpone the end of campfire for an hour or so due to sleet and rain, but finished up around 10pm with Mr. Filipowicz telling the story of Three Toes. The clouds cleared off by midnight, but came back with some light rain around 4am. We awoke to Pancakes, eggs and sausage Sunday morning. The patrols are getting the hang of patrol cooking. Mr. Walker preached a good sermon for church. One of the boys had thought that he had lost his sleeping bag on the hike in, but mysteriously it reappeared in his backpack on Sunday afternoon…. It was a new pack, and he didn’t realize it was packed in the very bottom. I did learn that one of our Assistant Scout Masters found something special in his backpack when he got home- you will have to ask Mr. Roach about that! If the rest of the year continues at this pace, we are in for a great year.

NameDays CampedNights CampedMilesDegrees
Trevor Burt2130
Cordell Sharp2130
Zach Bonner2130
Zack Morrison2130
Alec Fithen2130
Austin Lebow2130
Trenton Burt2130
Tristan Roach2130
Joseph Bonner2130
Nick Laughlin2130
Noah Friend2120
Hunter Turner2120
Marshall Turner2120
Davis Golden2120
Alex Laughlin2130
Freddy Oakley2130
Christian Larkan2130
Isaac Conner2130
Luke Knight2130
Bryce Watson2262
Hayden Denny2262
Adison Smotherman2262
Garrett Nuttall2130
Reno Moats2130
Mason Sharp2130
Paden Tillery2262
Nathan Sweet2130
David Ray2130
Matthew Braden2262
John Standish2262
Stephen Tillery2120
Buz Braden2120
Bryan Denny2140
Brian Enevoldsen2262
Randy Nuttall2100
Doug Walker2130
Tony Burt2100
Jim Laughlin2100
Peter Friend2130
Stan Fithen2100
John Dryden2262
James Oakley2100
Drew Skipworth2262
Steve Filipowicz2262
Total Campers% of Active ScoutsTotal MilesTotal Degrees
45 (37 scouts)75.68%14220
468X60 Camp/Hike