Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

September 2007

Pecos Wilderness 2007 September 7-9 Unofficial Summary from Mr. Walker: We had a great trip up and back. This was one of the few recent Pecos trips without a vehicle issue. We got in 30 minutes later than expected due to Mr. Rowland and Mr. Spencer taking us on a mountain trek at midnight until we ran out of road. The hike up the hill was pretty tough on the newbies but everyone made it. Mr. Dryden was heard yelling all the way to Santa Fe trying to get Garrett Payne up the hill. Tony Burt held an impromptu auction of all his hiking gear at the top to lighten his load for the return trip. Mr. Spencer was seen sitting on the trail after the first mile giving away his Dr. Peppers and packs of frozen food dinners. David and Josh Johnson joined us from Houston and discovered that Houston air does not feel the same as air at 10,000 feet. Overall a great trip and beautiful weather and scenery for us. Need Gear? 468X60 Camp/Hike