Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

March 2006

MK Brown Camp Summary 03/27/06 Attendance: 30% Poor 40% Good 50% Great/Target 60% Excellent Scouts Overall: 57.14% (40 Scouts attended out of 70 on active roster) Adults Overall: 58.62% (17 Adults out of 29 on active roster) “A Squad” 4 out of 4 squad-leaders showed = 100% “B Squad” 3 out of 4 squad-leaders showed = 75% (Rowland wasn’t there) “D Squad” 1 out of 2 squad leaders showed = 100% Patrol: Flying Eagles 4 out of 7 showed = 57.14% (Byrd, Johnson, Simmons, and Tropez was there) Cobras 2 out of 6 showed = 33.33 % (Johnson and Gover was there) – Brakovec no show Comanches 7 out of 10 showed = 70% (Barber, Bruton, and Marks not there) Wolverines 7 out of 7 showed = 100% Scorpions 3 out of 6 showed = 50% (Tillery, Perez, and Wood was there) Blackfeet 8 out of 10 showed = 80% (Brazille and Pratt not there) Vikings 3 out of 14 showed = 21.42% (Beckner, Carnes and Enevoldsen was there) Eagle 2 out of 6 showed = 33.33% (Eagle Scouts – Fithen and Standish was there) Greenbar (SPL & ASPLS) 4 out of 4 showed = 100% Patrol Competition: “Campsite Inspection” (Out of a possible 100 pts.) 1st Place - Comanches scored 84 2nd Place – Scorpions scored 76 3rd Place – Wolverines scored 70 4th Place – Blackfeet scored 65 5th Place – Vikings scored 30 6th Place – Flying Eagles scored 17 7th Place – Cobras scored 10 Rank Advancement: 12 out of 14, who went on the camp and needed Tenderfoot earned it. Summary: The camp went really smooth. The first night got down to 20 degrees and the second night only got down to 34 degrees. Therefore, everyone who attended earned 12 points. The kids got to play air soft for 4-5 hours and even some adults played. Many men thought it was a great opportunity to inflict some pain back on the Scouts. Several scouts went fishing and caught some fish. Stan Fithen claims he caught a big one but no witnesses. Sure Stan, we believe you! The Troop did a service project for the ranger to get ready for the council’s up-coming spring camp-o-ree. The ranger asked us to clear campsites of brush and trim or cut trees down. The ranger expected the project to take at least 3 hrs but Troop 80 did it in hour and a half. We had lots of practice at Scott Ranch. He was impressed on how hard our boys worked and on how our camp was set-up. John Standish, Randy Nuttall, Rodney Carnes and John Love, our cooks, did a super job on all meals. We invited the ranger and his son to eat with us on every meal and he took us up on our offer. His son had a good time doing air soft with our kids. Our boys treated him better than they do each other. We had 12 new boys who earned their Tenderfoot. There was14 out of 21 new boys who went on this camp. They seemed to enjoy it and everyone had a great time, except for John Dryden loosing again in the card game. Please send John your deepest sympathy. Maybe at the April camp with practice and determination he can live his dream. Campfire was great and we saw many new skits, which was good. I found my cherry pie I was missing. I received it back on my head during one of the skits. Don’t worry, greenbar, I won’t get even! Thanks to all adults who went and helped make this weekend possible.

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