Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

January 2012

January 28-29 MK Brown

Great Camp!  We tried something new due to the fire ban and most of the Troop hiked 6.5 miles from the Old Mobeetie Jail across several ranches to Camp MK Brown.  We had Pack 80 Webelos hike a shorter 3 mile route and meet us there.  Patrol cooking went great.  Temperature got down to 25 degrees on Saturday night and then a balmy 67 on Sunday for shooting rifles.  Mr. Sahli delivered a great sermon on Sunday morning.  A few scouts learned about electric fences and we had a few faceplants during the hike but all in all this was a fantastic camp.

Camp Summary from Scoutmaster Tillery:
January 2012 Camp Summary

For Committee Meeting 2-7-2012

Active Roster, Scouts: 45
Attended, Scouts: 22 (7 adults attended) Tillery, Tillery, Burt, Sahli, Amason, Tucker, Walker
Webelos, Scouts 9 Total head count: 41
Webelos, Men 3
Attendance percentage: 49%

40% Low acceptable
50% Good, and achievable based on historical numbers
60% Very good, target

There were 2 no shows (Knight- baptism, C Rollie- sick)

A Squad 1 squad leaders (out of 1) attended
B Squad 1 squad leader (out of 1) attended
C Squad No squad leader (out of 2) attended

4 out of 5 patrol leaders or troop guides attended (Rollie C-1)

7 out of 8 ASPLs attended (C. Sharp C-1)

SPL attended

No patrol had 100% attendance

Great campout! Some of the boys struggled with the hike, but all had fun hiking in with NO permanent injuries. Walters, Amason, Laughlin, and Payne either fell or know what an electric fence is. The Webelos all did a wonderful job, and kept their eyes out for “Sand Snakes”. We had a full weekend of shooting at the 22 range. Thanks to the Council for furnishing the ammunition. Thanks Bob Altman! We even got to see an actual Indian burial ground on the hike.