Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

January 2010

JLT started and ended on a good forecast for the upcoming year! We worked late Friday night on all of the specific skills and responsibilities of the individual position. All of the boys are now aware of what the responsibilities of every job are, from the Senior Patrol leader all the way to the Patrol leader. Everyone slept well, with 26 points earned Friday night and 24 points for Saturday night! Mr. Kiefer and Mr. Burt were in the kitchen, serving up some wonderful food all weekend (steaks, biscuits and gravy). The boys stayed awake, and participated all weekend. They didn’t have much free time, as we had a lot of material to cover. We are all looking forward to a great year to come. SLT See below for attendance and degrees earned.

Name Nights Camped Degrees Earned
Matthew Braden250
Trevor Burt250
Hayden Denny124
Alec Fithen250
Noah Friend250
Aidan Hamrick250
Christian Larkan250
Alex Laughlin250
Reno Moats250
Freddy Oakley250
David Ray250
Mason Sharp250
Addison Smotherman250
Nathan Sweet250
Paden Tillery250
Bryce Watson250
Tony Burt250
Brian Denny124
Peter Friend00
Stan Fithen250
Jim Laughlin126
Chase Roach250
John Standish250
Stephen Tillery250
Doug Walker00
468X60 Camp/Hike