Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

January 2006

Coetas Creek Campout Summary 2006 Januay 28th-29th Attendance: 30% Poor 40% Good 50% Great/Target 60% Excellent Scouts Overall: 52.83% (28 Scouts attended out of 53 on active roster) Adults Overall: 62.96% (17 Adults out of 27 on active roster) Patrols: A1 Flying Eagles 57.14% (4 of 7 Showed) A2 Cobras 57.14% (4 of 7 Showed) B1 Wolverines 85.71% (6 of 7 Showed) B2 Scorpions 42.85% (3 of 7 Showed) D1 Vikings 42.85% (6 of 14 Showed) D2 Eagle 16.66% (1 of 6 Showed) Greenbar (SPL & ASPLS) 100% Squad Leaders: A Squad – 66.66% (2 of 3 showed) B Squad – 75% (3 of 4 Showed) D Squad – 100% (2 of 2 Showed) Degree Points: Friday – 8 Points (got down to 24 degrees) Saturday – 18 Points (got down to 14 degrees) Summary: We left the Troop building 3 min ahead of schedule. We started the hike 11 min ahead of schedule. We got back to the troop building 13 min ahead of schedule. Not bad for first Troop camp of the year. The wonderful Scoutmaster got the Troop Truck stuck trying to get it closer to camp and that was after he drove 30 min around coetas looking for the turn-off. Thanks to Danny Finley for pulling out the truck and thanks to the early hikers for directing me. In actuality, I was just checking on their well-being. We were under a fire ban so we set up the circus tent up to do all the cooking under which also helped block the cold winds. Thanks to Danny and Marshall for bringing the 4-Wheeler and getting the tables and circus tents stuff out of camp. We had a great campfire. Dryden was booed off stage for trying to sing a real scout song. Quartermaster Corp got booed off stage for not knowing the skit. Our fearless SPL led great Sunday church songs and Carl Johnson, with the help of Gwinn, led a great church service. Danny Moats snored loud enough to keep all the animals away and John Standish tented with him and lost sleep but got his coffee. Doug Walker drove into camp and rode the 4-wheeler down the hill therefore he doesn’t get his .20 miles. Some patrols struggled on menu planning and had poor quality food, which it’s something to work on. No patrol got lost and everyone, overall, had a great time. Can’t wait till February camp. Need Gear? 468X60 Camp/Hike