Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

May 2007

Brazos River 2007 May 17-20 Camp Summary Attendance: 40% - Poor 50% - Average (based on historical numbers) 65% - Excellent Overall Scout Attendance – 54.67% (41 Scouts attended out of 75 on active roster) Overall Adult Attendance – 46.15% (18 Adults attended out of 39 on active roster) 5 of our friends from Troop 404 went with us. David, Josh and Chris Johnson went with us as well. We had 2 no shows – Jonathan Hillyer and Cody Hall. We had 6 back out after signing up. Total Number of those that attended this camp: 67 By Crews:
CrewCrew NameAttendancePercentage
1The Hobbits6 of 966.7%
2Walker's6 of 966.7%
3Sena's4 of 757.14
4The Hard Hats9 of 9100%
5Fithen's5 of 955.56%
6Robles'4 of 850%
7Standish's8 of 988.89%
8Tilly Bob8 of 988.89%
9Wynn's8 of 988.89%
10T4045 of 955.56%
**Number of those Not Going to Canada but attended - 4 Advancement: These Scouts completed the Canoeing Merit Badge on the Brazos River Preston McClendon, Brian Enevoldsen, Colton Morris, AJ Pagitt, and Taylor West. Trip Summary: We left the Troop building 4 minutes late. On the way down we blew an inner tire on the passenger side rear bus. Which put us in camp at 2:30AM. And no, we didn’t get lost. During the changing of the tire, Michael Broyles hurt his finger and pulled completely off his fingernail. Too bad we didn’t do a custom patch for this trip. That injury didn’t count, sorry Michael. By the time we got our tents set up it was around 3AM. We decided to sleep in Saturday morning and didn’t wake up till 8:30AM. Saturday morning on the way to the canoe outfitters, the canoe trailer blew a tire. We drove 14 road miles and got on the Brazos around 10AM. We canoed for 24.3 miles from where we put in at, according to our outfitter. We had crews arrive back at the campsite between 6:30PM – 7:30PM. We had eaten a great hot dinner prepared by Greg Wynne, Doug Walker, Jared Knight, and Bill Bankhead. After dinner, we had an energetic campfire and Michael Walker told the story. Sunday morning we ate breakfast broke camp and held a church service. Songs were led by our SPL and Lawerence Rowland did the sermon. On the way back two hours outside of Wichita Falls, we blew another tire on the passenger rear of the bus except this time it was the outside tire. Of course we took one spare so we had to drive 40 miles an hour to Wichita Falls. The little towns in between had places we could have gotten a tire but they were closed due to being on Sunday. When we got to Wichita Falls, we ate lunch at McDonalds where a DPS officer contacted his best friend who worked for a tire place in town and the gentleman came out on his day off to fix our bus. We replaced the damaged tire and bought another spare in case of another blow out. We finally arrived safely in Amarillo around 7:30PM. Despite the vehicle problems and getting in late, everyone still had a great time. Thanks to all those who helped out and special thanks to Jim Laughlin for pulling the canoe trailer again. A Word From the Aquatics Director: From a standpoint, this camp was a huge success. All of those who showed up were able to integrate with their crews in a very important way. Everyone there worked on skills & the great thing was, most didn't even know they were working on skills or finding what works in their crews. They just thought they were having fun paddling their canoes downstream on a beautiful river WITH LOTS OF WATER!! Need Gear? 468X60 Camp/Hike