Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

June 2006

2006 Advancement Camp Summary Tres Ritos, New Mexico Attendance Goals: 40% Poor 60% Great/Target 75% Excellent Scouts Overall: 42.19% (27 Scouts attended out of 64 on active roster) Adults Overall: 32.26% (10 Adults attended out of 31 on active roster) “A Squad” - 3 out of 4 Squad Leaders showed = 75% “B Squad” – 2 out of 3 Squad Leaders showed = 66.67% “D Squad” – 1 out of 1 Squad Leaders showed = 0% Patrol Attendance: Flying Eagles 4 out of 7 showed = 57.14% Cobras 5 out of 7 showed = 71.43% Comanches 4 out of 9 showed = 44.44% Wolverines 3 out of 7 showed = 42.86% Scorpions 2 out of 5 showed = 40% Blackfeet 2 out of 9 showed = 22.22% Vikings 3 out of 14 showed = 21.42% Eagles 0 out of 6 showed = 0% (Eagle Scouts) Greenbar 4 out of 4 showed = 100% Advancement: Second Class Rank – 6 First Class Rank – 7 Star Rank – 1 Total Ranks - 14 Total Merit Badges - 100 (an average of 3.8 merit badges per scout earned in camp) Partials: Some kids lack one or two requirements in the following merit badges: a. Camping – they have to just turn in packets b. Cit. In Nation – one or two requirements at most c. Cooking – one requirement of cooking with family d. Wilderness Survival – one requirement of doing a fire by flint and steel Summary: We arrived in camp around 12:30AM mountain time because we went on the right road but kept going up the mountain and missed the turn-off. I had no idea the bus could make it that far up the mountain. The weather was beautiful and the merit badge classes actually went smooth. We had several discipline issues mainly from Gettles and Dawson. We had scouts who decided to put their names on the walls in one of the buildings. Randy Nuttall went into Taos to get paint and the graffiti areas were repainted. We had three boys decide to bring fireworks and pop them in camp, which was in Carson National Forest. All disciplinary issues were dealt with in camp by disciplinary boards set by myself. We played a kickball tournament and awarded a trophy to the wining team. Overall, it wasn’t too bad. The camp and facilities were excellent. We took many photos and hopefully they will be posted on the web soon so everyone can view them. Next camp is Wilderness in Questa, NM.

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