Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

Camporee 2012

This page contains resources for you to increase your knowledge of the skills that will be needed to compete in the Golden Spread Council's 2012 Camporee.

Lashing and Knots

Video Demonstrations: How To Tie The Square Knot How to Tie the Sheepshank How to Tie the Tautline Hitch Seven Knots Every Scout Should Know
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How to Tie the Timber Hitch How to Tie the Half Hitch How to Tie Two Half Hitches How to Tie the Bowline Knot How to Tie the Clove Hitch How to Tie the Sheet Bend Knot

Olympic Trestle Walk

Rules: A patrol must construct an “A” Trestle (Scout Handbook). The patrol must then attach six guide ropes to the top part of the “A” Trestle using a clove hitch knot. One of the patrol members must then attempt to walk the trestle for a distance of 6 yards with the assistance of patrol members, balancing him with the guide ropes. Four staves, five pieces of lashing rope, and six guide ropes will be furnished. Maximum time allowed is 9 minutes.

Fire Building

Stretcher Relay

Crocodile Dundee Rescue

Scouting Trivia Relay

Tent Pitching

Compass Course