Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop



Because the summer camping program is so popular, the Troop has established a policy for those who may attend the camps. This is done to encourage the full participation of the scout through out the year, and no just during the summer months. The summer camping program is special and for this reason is used to reward those scouts who have worked hard and been active all year. The policy is designed for the growth of your son.

  1. Scope
    • The policies set forth herein apply both to Advancement Camp and Wilderness Camp unless otherwise noted.
  2. Required Attendance
    1. Wilderness Camp (Eagle Scouts are exempt from attendance rules).
      • Must attend at least 25 meetings (50% since joining) per year.
      • Must attend at least 5 camps (50% since joining).
      • Workdays: must attend at least one per year.
      • A late joining scout must attend two (2) weekend camps or Advancement Camp once before going on Wilderness Camp.
    2. Advancement Camp
      • A scout must be active in the Troop program to be eligible for Advancement Camp.
  3. Required Advancement
    1. One rank or 5 merit badges since last Wilderness Camp.
    2. Scout must be a least a Tenderfoot to go on Wilderness Camp.
    3. There is no advancement requirement for Advancement Camp.
  4. Required Time in Troop Prior to Camp.
    1. Scout must have joined on or before the Tuesday before camp starts to go to Advancement Camp.
    2. Scout must have joined on or before June 1 and have attended 3 weekend camps or Advancement Camp to go to Wilderness Camp.
  5. Policy Implementation.
    • The Assistant Scoutmasters will make the day to day decisions on attendance and whether or not an absence comes within a particular excuse category. The Assistant Scoutmaster may not excuse an absence for a reason not listed above.
  6. Policy Enforcement.
    • The Troop Committee is responsible for enforcing attendance policy with respect to who may attend the summer camps.
  7. Review of Scout's Attendance.
    • The Camping Committee shall review individual scouts to see if they satisfy the Troop attendance policy.
  8. Low Attendance Scout Program.
    • For the scout who attends less than 50% of the time, Troop 80 provides a challenging and exciting scouting program consisting of 10 weekend camps and 52 meetings per year, plus a week long summer Advancement Camp. This program includes a white water raft trip in May, the Christmas Banquet, rapelling, swimming, boating, a mystery trip in August, a winter camp in the mountains, and many hikes, that allows a scout to experience a variety of other non-scout activities. A low attendance scout is allowed and encouraged to participate in this program without penalty or discrimination. Moreover, this program allows a scout to become "revived" and receive encouragement to improve his attendance where he can participate in the Wilderness Camp program.


Any scout or adult owing money to Troop 80 (or a patrol leader) for a camp out, hat, shirt, or other similar reason may not attend any more camps, including Advancement Camp and Wilderness Camp, until the money is paid in full. If a scout or adult commits to go to a camp, the Troop or a patrol spends money on that commitment, purchasing food and other items. It is not fair for the Troop or patrol to have to bear that person's expense. Also, a scout must not owe any money before he may take a board of review, or receive any advancement.


All Troop 80 scouts are required to wear their Class “A” uniforms to all Troop meetings, unless they are specifically instructed otherwise. If a scout appears out of uniform at troop meetings, his Assistant Scout Master shall discuss the uniform requirements with the scout. The Assistant Scout Master shall also contact the scout's parents to remind them of the Troop's Uniform Policy. If the Assistant Scout Master determines that the parents are unable to provide the scout with a complete Class “A” uniform he shall assist the scout in obtaining a complete uniform through the Troop's Scholarship Program. Thereafter, unless the scouts are specifically instructed otherwise, if a scout arrives at a meeting without his complete Class “A” uniform, the Assistant Scout Master shall immediately inform the scout why he is out of uniform and have the scout immediately call his parents to pick him up from the meeting and to not return until he is in full uniform.



Troop 80 has adopted the following policy to establish a uniform procedure for handling the Troop’s discipline needs.


Conduct which will not be tolerated includes: fighting; verbal abuse of other scouts or scout leaders; harassment of other scouts or scout leaders; habitual use of foul language; use of tobacco in any form; use of controlled substances (drugs); consumption of alcohol; throwing knives, hand axes, or other sharp objects; careless use of flammable products and fire; abuse of troop property; abuse of the personal equipment and property of others; violation of the Troop 80 Uniform Policy; and any other conduct in which the scout engages which the Scout Master and Assistant Scout Masters believe threatens the well-being of the scout or others, troop property or the property of others, or interferes with the purposes of scouting. (For a complete copy of the Discipline Policy, see your Assistant Scoutmaster).

In the event a scout becomes disruptive to the orderly conducting of a scout camp (including wilderness camp), the adult leaders of Troop 80 on the camp shall have the authority and duty to send the scout home to his parents, or to a duly designated adult. At least one parent of each scout shall sign an authorization (which may be general or for a single camp) acknowledging this policy before a scout may attend a camp. If one of the parents will not be home during the camp, they must designate an adult of their choice to take in their son if he is sent home from camp. Scouts disciplined under this policy will be sent home by bus where practical, at the parent's expense. If no bus is available, or the scout is too young to ride a bus, the parents (or designated adult) will be required to pick up the scout at a time and place set by the adult leaders of Troop 80 who are on the camp. If a parent, or designated adult, refuses to come and pick up a scout subject to being sent home, the adult leaders of Troop 80 may drive the scout home, at the parent's expense. In such event, the scout shall be suspended from all activities of Troop 80 until such time as the parents agree to abide by this policy. This policy is cumulative of all other Troop 80 discipline policies.