Troop 80 – Amarillo, TX Proud to be a "60 Year" Troop

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TROOP 80, B.S.A. Since 1955 Jack Bryant Scout Center 1615 Bellaire Amarillo, TX 79106


Dear Parent: Congratulations!  Your son has chosen the finest boy’s organization in the Texas Panhandle.  Troop 80 has a long history of helping boys become men, and it has done so through an active outdoor program guided by the Christian principles established in Boy Scouting over 100 years ago.  Whether you are new to Scouting, or your son is bridging from Webelos, we are proud of your interest in the program and commitment to your son’s development.  Troop 80 is a boy led troop, but safety and security are our primary concerns.  Your son will not only enjoy the many experiences offered by our program, but will develop knowledge and leadership skills useful in all areas of life.  As with all long-term commitments, there will be times when your son becomes discouraged or disillusioned with Scouting.  Support and encouragement from home are vital to keeping a young man active in such a beneficial program. Troop 80 is more active than most troops, and is able to provide the program at a reasonable cost thanks to the sale of Christmas trees.  However Scouts are expected to attend a minimum of 5 weekend camps and 25 weekly meetings per year, as well as participate in work days to be eligible to attend Wilderness Camp in July.  Scouts and their families are also expected to help on the tree lot every December.      If the expense of uniforms, gear or camps becomes burdensome, please contact me or your son’s Assistant Scoutmaster.  We do not want a Scout to miss out due to financial reasons. Finally, parent participation is strongly encouraged in Troop 80.  Our Troop is too large and the program too active to run without help from moms and dads.  Please don’t hesitate to ask how you can help out.    Sincerely,     Dr. Steve Banks Scoutmaster


A successful Troop becomes that way through the support of parents interested in scouting and in their son maturing in an appropriate environment under the direct supervision of dedicated adult leaders other than their mom and dad. You have apparently actively encouraged you son's involvement in scouting, hence his joining Troop 80. It is imperative that the level of support continue, if not grow, as your son does. Participation in this organization is purely on a volunteer basis. Talk to the Scoutmaster for further information.

There are several areas where help is needed, such as: Merit Badge counselors, Popcorn sale, Tree Lot banner sales, Nursery sales, Courts of Honor, Neckerchiefs, Tree Lot and Communications. Some functions are needed only one time a year, such as the Christmas Tree Lot Worker committees. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Dr. Steve Banks.

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