Roof Going Up !

8:00 a.m. on Saturday and all is quiet (that is, no one showed up to work yet). David Johnson and Duane Glasco getting psyched up for work.
David Johnson showing James Spencer how to use shovel.  Jonathan Standish and John Standish escaped from city paving crew, hiding on roof. James Spencer putting his new knowledge to good us.
Walter Wolfram and Stephen Tillery clearing old roof.  A whole bunch of people hiding in the corner. Stack of old roof sections.  About 8 tons of material were removed from the roof.
Old roof ready to go to the dump. New roof metal ready to install.
Starting west side of roof after lunch.  Paden Tillery practicing for city paving crew job. East half of roof cleared off.
Supports for new metal roof going in (well, sort of).  
Josiah Krulik and Jonathan Standish installing foam edging. New roof supports finished.  David Johnson putting on metal facing.  Drew Skipworth supervising.  Josiah Krulik and Jonathan Standish installing foam edging.  John Standish sweeping up.

Great work crew to tear off old roof.  Just when it was removed, it rained for 15 minutes, then the sun came out again.  The suspended ceiling tiles will now have to be replaced.  Quote of the day:

"I think that it is worthy of mention that we were ¾ of the way finished with scraping the gravel when David [Johnson] said, “Hey, I have a shovel especially made for that in my trailer.” And, after [John] Standish and I had been attempting to cut 200 feet of shingles with dull utility knives, somewhere around 2/3 of the way through the job, David said, “Hey, I have a hawk-billed knife in my truck that would make that job go a lot faster” and it was like cutting hot butter."

James Savage, 10-31-2005

The Jack Bryant Scout Center last had a roof installed in 1985, with an expected life of 10 years.  Troop 80 believes in amortizing even its fire barrels used on the tree lot, so it was able to get 20 years out of the roof.  However, the old roof was leaking badly and unless repaired, serious damage would have occurred to the building and its contents.  The original two flat roofs were removed on October 29, 2005, and a new steel, sloped roof was placed on, starting on October 30, 2005.

Volunteer Re-Roof Work Crew, Oct. 29-30, 2005
David Johnson
Josh Johnson
John Standish
Jonathan Standish
Ben Standish
James Spencer
Stephen Tillery
Paden Tillery
Matt Dryden
Josiah Krulik
Brian Enevoldsen
Matthew Perez
Chris Robles
Greg Wynne
Danny Finley
Walter Wolfram
Duane Glasco
James Savage
Eric Wolfram
Companies Who Have Worked on Scout Center
W.D. Johnson Construction Co. (2005 re-roof)
Mueller, Inc. (materials, 2005 re-roof)
Moose Air (Stephen Camouse) (2005 HVAC)
Western Builders (debris removal, mansard, chimney repair)
Scottco (HVAC, plumbing)
Pagosa Corporation (2002 re-roof equipment shed)
Mayfield Roofing (1985 roof)
Foundation work, 1967 Walls going up, 1967
Roof trusses, 1967 First meeting, October 1967

Jack Bryant Scout Center (before new roof)

Jack Bryan Scout Center (after new roof)

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